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Success Stories

Discover how Izaura Cosmetics is impacting the hair lives of individuals around the world.

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"I do not know where to start. I am being honest. I don’t write many reviews unless it works. I am a hair product junky. But, I have finally found something that’s actually working for my relaxed hair. Growentine Challenge, Izaura Cosmetics Scalp Perfecter and Revitalizing Hot Oil Treatment is the truth. The first week I kid you not my hair started to fill in around my edges and in the back. I have thyroid and Blood pressure problems. I have stop looking and found my regimen❤️
Thank you..."

Shayla S.


"Since I've received ur products I have tried it on not only my hair but my kids as well & it's a game changer. I love the fact that it's lightweight. My hair had flow but now it has flooowww. I even use it on my skin as well. So I love it & I will be purchasing more in the future. Thanks."

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"I wear protective styling so I can’t use so many products as I wash my hair once a month, in order to avoid product build up. This oil is going to be my new go to for protective styling because it’s light weight and smells so AMAZING!! My scalp feels moisturized while feeling like I have nothing on it. Highly recommend if you’re protective styling and can’t wash often. Keeps your hair smelling fresh and does the job of multiple oils. Do not put all that crap in your heads ladies and just use this!"



I purchased this bundle based on the reviews that I seen. I love the scalp elixir and the hot oil treatment. They work well and smell so good! The hot oil treatment left my hair really soft and manageable. The scalp elixir is lightweight and doesn’t leave my scalp feeling clogged up or like I need to wash it. I’m discovering new uses for the products as well. I’ve used the scalp elixir as a makeup remover and cuticle care for dry hands! 

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